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The Soul Lifestyle

Stay in a tropical paradise while enjoying state-of-the-art-facilities and make your dreams of adventure, freedom and wonder come true. Bask in all that Zanzibar’s East Coast has to offer, including serene nature walks, local barbecues and eateries, quaint shopping, cocktail bars and picturesque beaches – whilst The Soul keeps you grounded in a modern apartment lifestyle with its bespoke facilities, serene work spaces and relaxed comforts.
Rental Management
Beach Life
RENTAL Management
Your investment is in safe hands.

Joining The Soul Rental Scheme, managed by renowned Valor Hospitality, gives you access to a wide range of services that allows you peace-of-mind wherever you live, whilst we take care of your lifestyle assets.

Your property will be put into a rental scheme allowing you to maximise returns on your investment(s) whilst also having a team of dedicated professionals working around the clock to ensure that you, your tenants,your guests, and your property are always supported with the hospitality standards you deserve.

Our property management services will incorporate a range of services - from finding the right tenants and guests at the best rates, to rent collection, protecting the standard of your property and ensuring that regular maintenance of your property is conducted when necessary.

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Sustainable & holistic approach
Earth Care. People Care. Fair Share.
The Soul’s landscape is built on the permaculture principles of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. We work with nature in its natural state, we look at our environment like an ecosystem that we stand to benefit from by replicating plant species that are indigenous to the environment.

We aim to create a healthy lifestyle not just for our residents but for our communities as well. We have a state of the art wastewater management system to ensure that wastewater is cleaned and re-purposed for further use. The Soul has a waste management system that is focused on ensuring that all waste that is produced on the resort is managed properly from its inception to its final disposal.
Facilities & Services
Live, Play and Work from Home

Planned within the Soul’s community are both curated gardens with maintained pause areas, as well as communal areas on the rooftops of the residential blocks allowing people to come together encouraging interaction and social inclusion through co-working spaces, chill areas, as well as yoga and gym facilities. There is a large lagoon type swimming pool designed as a small oasis at the centre of The Soul development which is accessible to all residents. Coming soon will be a Restaurant and Cafe, as well as other guest attractions. 

Additionally, The Soul offers 24 hour Security & surveillance, Utilities management & services, Maintenance management & services and Emergency response, proudly managed by Valor Hospitality Partners .

Additional services and amenities are offered through The Soul Paje Rental Scheme

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Beach Life
Kite Surfers Paradise
Paje is a village on the East coast of Zanzibar and consists of vast white beaches with clear and beautiful blue waters. Over the years, Paje has become a mecca for water sports due to the tidal range, shallow waters and winds that are present throughout the year.

Paje is not just for kitesurfers and water sport enthusiasts, there are a number of things to be done in and around the area. The nearby waters of Kizimkazi are well known for their dolphins and are a short drive away. There is also the Jozani Forest as well as a number of historical caves all around. Paje is also known for its vibrant nightlife and beach bars with live music.
Municipal Infrastructure
We work hard. So you don't have to.
Modern architecture, the use of high-quality, durable materials, all based on a state of the art sustainable infrastructure built on permaculture principles will ensure a safe and comfortable stay for you, your guests and guarantee a secure and value growing investment.

The Soul’s modern and futuristic services ensure that your needs are constantly met whenever you need them. We guarantee around-the-clock supply of clean water, stable power, fast data, efficient waste management and responsive security.
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